From Fearful to Ferocious!

There are so many things out there that can hinder the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams. However, the main thing that stops people before they start is an internal emotion – FEAR. Opportunity pushes us out of our comfort zone and that in and of itself makes us fearful. When this happens we have one of two choices – we can either quit, or we can fight. We usually know if we will be successful before we even start! I had the opportunity to face fear head-on when competing as a contestant on Reality Stars Fear Factor. When the opportunity first arose, I was fearful. What were they going to make me do? Would I make a fool of myself on national television? Would I win or lose? Despite all of these initial fears, I evaluated the offer and decided that it was too great an opportunity to pass up. The two major factors in this decision were: (1) I love to do things that take me outside of my comfort zone, and (2) My children heard that I’d been invited and encouraged me to go for it! It ended up being a truly amazing experience. If you often don’t seize the opportunities that present themselves to you, I would encourage you to take my challenge this month – find something to do in which you can claim a small victory for yourself. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but have been too afraid of – sign up for a flying lesson, enter a talent contest, talk to your boss about a promotion – whatever you want! Make sure it pushes you outside of your comfort zone! Once you have decided on what to do, start telling people you are going to do it. This will ensure accountability. Then go for it! One small victory will make you feel like a WINNER and will significantly improve your perception of yourself as someone who fulfills their goals. Build upon these small wins – they will take you from fearful to ferocious!